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Natasha's Sketchbook Series

by Natasha Gray

No matter how imaginative the artist, without essential skills and disciplined practice using them, technique will be limited, creativity hindered and potential for greatness lost.

In six books, the Natasha’s Sketchbook series was created to teach budding artists the essential elements of art:

Line, Shape, Value, Color, Texture and Form

Designed as a comprehensive course of study, with simple lessons and exercises anyone can read and do, each book builds on the next, giving the student fundamentals applicable to any career in the visual arts.

Click here to meet the author, Natasha Gray.


A Glossary of Art Terms

by Natasha Gray

This collection of almost 300 definitions will help students of all ages learn common art terms, thereby growing their knowledge base and opening doors to improved skills as an artist.

This glossary came directly out of Natasha's work with art students. She found herself asking, what did they know? What didn't they know? What terms would help them better understand styles, forms, and techniques? And what terms were instructors using on the assumption that students understood them? This glossary is her answer to those questions. It focuses on the core fine arts of painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking and is designed for studio use, not sitting on a library bookshelf.

The combination of clear, concise and accurate definitions combined with the stunning illustrative artwork make this beautiful book a must for every student or lover of the fine arts.

Natasha's Sketchbook

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