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American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard (1911–1986) researched and wrote extensively on the subjects of study, learning and education. His works on these subjects have informed the design of all Heron Books materials since 1976. Our gratitude is boundless.

Additional thanks go to Applied Scholastics International for the right to use his writings on morals, ethics, education and administration in Heron Books materials.

Gratitude goes to the executives and faculty of the Delphian School, Heron Book’s sister organization, for their ongoing support, cooperation and inspiration.

And thanks go out to all schools and homeschools utilizing Heron Books materials for their selfless work with students and their thoughtful feedback over the years.

Appreciation is extended to the Northwest Association of Independent Schools, accrediting body for the Delphian School, and to the National Association of Independent Schools. Their belief in and support of independent schools throughout the United States and abroad has helped diversify the educational landscape for all children and families.

And thanks to all educators dedicated to providing the best possible learning experiences for students everywhere—
               for always striving to provide better learning outcomes;
               for putting student gains above personal status;
               for caring about ability, not rules;
               and for putting educational integrity and academic freedom above all.

Delphian School

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