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Heron Derivation Dictionary - 5th Edition

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• Age: Ages 13-Adult

Look inside the new Heron Derivation Dictionary!

This dictionary was originally created for middle and high school students learning the value of derivations in understanding words. Its 11,447 entries came from a comprehensive list of recommended books for teen readers, from Old Yeller, A Wrinkle in Time and The Yearling all the way up to Dickens’ David Copperfield, Voltaire’s Candide and Plato’s Republic. As dictionaries for younger readers did not always include derivations or had overly sophisticated derivations, the Heron Derivation Dictionary filled a need.

Within a few years, the book’s popularity was found to extend beyond teens, and this has remained true since the first edition was published in 1995.

This new edition retains all the original entries with some minor adjustments, while getting an overhaul in design and readability. The intention has always been to provide uncomplicated, easily assimilated derivations. That remains unchanged.

Whether you are a teen or a reader of any age, we hope you find this new edition useful. Our wish is simple: to enhance the pleasures available to those who enjoy a good read.

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