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Learning and Life Skills Box Set

Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, this box set includes, The Ethics Book, The Learning Book, The Checkouts Book, and The Thinking Book, along with accompanying learning guide booklets. 

This set of 4 books gives preteens and teens the skills they need to succeed in today's world. The Learning Book presents principles on how to study successfully, with an emphasis on application and use over memorization and test scores. The Ethics Book teaches how to evaluate one's choices and predict how your decisions will affect all areas of your life. The Thinking Book offers tools to evaluate information critically, empowering young adults to assess situations independently and act confidently as a leader among their peers. The Checkouts Book gives information on coaching others to ensure they are studying successfully. 


The Learning Book and Checkouts Book are published in collaboration with Applied Scholastics® International.

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These books are sold as a set or individually. Click one of the store links below.

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This box set includes printed special edition personal learning guides for each book. Books purchased separately include a downloadable learning guide.

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The Ethics Book

Have you ever done something you wish you hadn't? Do you find yourself getting angry at or complaining about certain people? When a decision is hard to make, how can you tell what the right thing to do is? Is it possible to be happier, more successful and get along better with your friends and family? What about helping others be happier and more successful?

Find answers to these question and more in The Ethics Book.

Read it. Use it. And help make a better YOU and a better world.


The Thinking Book

What is information? What is logic? How can you tell when something is logical?

When you see something illogical, do you get angry, frustrated or confused? Or do you try to think up a way that it makes sense--when it really doesn't?

With this book, you can learn to tell when information makes sense and when it doesn't.

You can learn fourteen ways things can be logical and the fourteen ways things can be illogical.

It's actually easy!

To get right answers in life, you have to be able to think. It starts right here with The Thinking Book.


The Learning Book

Does reading sometimes make you sleepy? Is school sometimes boring? Do you sometimes get confused when learning something new? Have you ever just memorized information without understanding it? Why is learning sometimes fun and other times not so much fun?

Find answers to these questions and more in The Learning Book.


Read it. Use it. And make your learning fun every day!


The Checkouts Book

How do you help other students learn? With this book, you can learn how to help your friends and classmates get the most from the things they are studying. Whether they are studying math, English, geography or science, you can help them make sure they really understand and can use everything they are learning.


The Checkouts Book makes it easy!

Read it. Use it. And help others learn!

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