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Who Are We

Simply put, we’re a developer and publisher of educational materials for children, teens and the educators who work with them. But it should be said that what we’re about is more than just creating high-quality books.

We want books that create real engagement.

To this end, every book we create, if it isn’t already an activity book or workbook, has an accompanying learning guide designed to foster thought and participation. We want students doing things, interacting with the world around them, putting information into action. Effective learning guides, in conjunction with interesting and attractive books, invite these things.

If a student is doing something as a result of our materials, we’re on the right track. If a student is just collecting facts, soon to be forgotten, we’re not.

How do we know when we’re doing it right? It’s when we are effectively engaging students who are gaining information and skills, and using them in their lives.

What makes us Different?

Rather than make testing our standard, with each new book or course, we ask instead:

Does it make the subject approachable and useful to every student?

Does it invite depth of knowledge and application rather than a broad, shallow coverage of the subject?

Does it encourage, even demand, direct observation, personal engagement and creative thinking?

Does it empower any educator to help students put information into action?

If we can check those boxes, we publish.
 If we can't, we don't.

Kind words from our customers

I have 3 children and I have been homeschooling for 4 years now. When Heron Books made their study books and curriculum available for homeschoolers I jumped on it and have been using Heron now for the past 2 years. THE BEST. I have total control over my kids education and the classes / courses they have lay everything out perfectly. Heron for the win!

-- Kathryn Reeves, Homeschool Mom

Heron has the best curriculum. We are a small homeschooling family that uses everything they have to offer for our kids ages and we just love it.


- Anna Sanders, Homeschool Mom


I can’t say enough about Heron Books. Their curriculum is the best! And I mean that. It is very fun and easy to follow. I have found it to surpass other curriculum by far! I homeschool my granddaughter and I’m very glad I discovered Heron!


- Laurie Burpee, Homeschooler

I'm an educator and absolutely LOVE Heron's materials. They provide such great illustrations which show the concepts being taught. This, even on its own, makes learning so much more engaging.

The use of learning guides has been revolutionary too. A classroom of students never progress at exactly the same pace all the time. The learning guides help each student study at their own speed so they can take the time they need to achieve understanding of the subject being taught.


- Savana St.Aubin, Educator

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