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Meet Natasha

Author of the Natasha's Sketchbook Series

An internationally exhibited artist, teacher and curriculum designer, Natasha Gray was born in 1969 in Mexico City. After completing middle and high school at the Delphian School in Oregon, which she credits with “opening my eyes to the wonders and beauty of study and learning,” she went on to study fine arts at the Academia de San Carlos, the Art Students League of New York and the School of Visual Art in Paris. While in New York she worked under renowned Spanish artist Miguel Angel Argüello (1941–2005).


What followed was an eight-year pilgrimage into the ghost towns and deserts of the Southwest U.S. With only a small camper and paint supplies, she set aside all modern comforts to focus herself on studies of light and color, while honing her techniques and vision as an artist. Eventually, Natasha returned to Mexico to raise a family. Over the ensuing years, she traveled extensively to study and exhibit her evolving work, which included creating pieces in a sub-genre of sculpture she calls “wire drawing.” 

In 2018 and 2019, Natasha decided to give back to the school where it all began by offering week-long workshops for students and arts faculty at Delphian, classes that spanned all grade levels. It was this work that inspired the collaboration with Heron Books to produce the Natasha’s Sketchbook art instruction series.

The purpose is to provide simple, clear and joyful instruction in the elements of visual art. The goal is to help budding artists find the greatness of life and spirit within. For more information visit

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