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The Young Scientist

An Introduction to Observation and Discovery.
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The Young Scientist An Introduction to Observation and Discovery is a lively, engaging exploration of what science is, and what it means to be a scientist.

Told through stories about the methods and accomplishments of a number of past and present-day scientists, it is all about the nature of scientific investigation and how to do it.

Starting with the importance of curiosity, the book highlights the roles of observation, research, hypothesis, experimentation, the scientific method, and the sharing of knowledge. Sections are accompanied by hands-on activities that provide opportunities to be a scientist.

This beautifully illustrated book with its clear, simple text and interesting activities, encourages observation skills, creative thinking, experimentation, discovery and independence of thought--all characteristics of successful scientists.

Its accompanying learning guide takes a student step-by-step through the book and activities.

Are you curious?

Do you have questions about things?

How’s your imagination?

Do you like doing experiments?

Scientists are curious about things,

are always asking questions and doing experiments.

And the best scientists have a very good imagination!


Because it helps them discover the reasons for things.

It helps them think up good solutions to big problems.

It helps them make a better world for

all of us.

If you want to become a successful scientist,

or even if you already are one,

The Young Scientist

is just the book for you!


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