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Our Amazing Planet

Introduction to Geography for Young Scientists.
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Our Amazing Planet: Introduction to Geography for Young Scientists begins with a brief explanation of geography as a science. Its clear, simple text then launches into a study of the earth from the inside out. It covers the layers of the earth from its core to its crust, exploring its land and water features, what makes the seasons, its three main climate zones and seven major biomes. The book's vibrant illustrations, which include maps of climate zones and biomes, add to the clarity of the text. Each chapter of the book ends with a summating hands-on activity.
The accompanying Learning Guide walks a student through the book and includes even more activities. Working their way through Our Amazing Planet will give students a greatly increased understanding and appreciation of the planet on which they live.

What is at the very center of the earth?

What causes earthquakes and volcanoes?

Why do we have seasons, and how are mountains formed?

What kinds of plants and animals live

near the North Pole? What about near the equator?

What’s the difference between a hill

and a mountain, a valley and a canyon,

an island and a peninsula?

Earth, our home, is huge, and there are so many interesting things to know about it.

If you’re curious about the world we live in,

come take a stroll around

Our Amazing Planet!

Who knows what you might find!

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