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Math Essentials - Finding and Filling the Gaps (the complete package)

Repair the fundamentals - Get ready for Algebra!
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Product Details
• Age: Ages 14-18

This package includes:

Instructor Manual

Exercise Answers book.

Math Essentials Finding & Filling the Gaps book with all 13 chapters, learning guides, exams and exam answers for

  1. place value
  2. division
  3. word problems-whole numbers
  4. fractions-adding & subtracting
  5. fractions-multiplying & dividing
  6. word problems-fractions
  7. decimals
  8. metric measurement
  9. customary measurement
  10. positive & negative numbers
  11. simple algebra
  12. ratio, proportion & percent
  13. simple geometry

Designed for students who have already studied math up to algebra, Math Essentials finds and fills the gaps that hinder algebra studies. The program assumes a student has mastered basic addition, subtraction and multiplication, but it addresses division, if needed, as this was commonly found to be weak. It isn’t designated for use with a specific age or grade, but is addressed to students preparing to study algebra, and has most often been used with teens.

The program includes a variety of tools an instructor can use to tailor the program to a student’s needs. Diagnostic tests identify which math skills the student hasn’t already mastered. The individual learning guide for each unit allows the student to study just what is needed. A variety of exercises allow the student to practice as much as needed and to stay sharp on skills learned.

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