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Let's Make Things Go! - Young Scientist Collection

All About Engines for Young Scientists.
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Let's Make Things Go – All About Engines for Young Scientists is a simple, general introduction to engines. The amply illustrated text explains, clearly and simply, what machines and engines are, and how they work. Along the way, the reader learns about force, gravity, friction, work, stored energy, fuel, electric motors, rocket engines and ket engines. The world of energy and motion come to life.

A number of activities spread throughout the book provide opportunities to build several types of simple engines (a bubble jet engine, for example, a match rocket engine and others) and to observe how each can power a machine.

Rockets, baseballs, bicycles, tractors, skateboards, sailboats and airplanes—these all move, whether fast or slow.

But how? And why?

What makes things move, slow down and stop?

As a young scientist, have you thought about different kinds of energy and how they change from one kind to another?

All these things have to do with machines called engines that move things all around us.

If you’re ready to explore the world of engines, then

Let’s Make Things Go!


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