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Thoughts from the editor's desk

Introduction to Heron Books: What We're About

June 2021

As the first in a planned series of informal monthly posts, here’s a word on who we are and what we’re all about at Heron Books.

Simply put, we’re a developer and publisher of educational materials for children, teens and the educators who work with them. But it should be said that what we’re about is more than just creating high-quality books.

We want books that create real engagement.

To this end, every book we create, if it isn’t already an activity book or workbook, has an accompanying learning guide designed to foster thought and participation. We want students doing things, interacting with the world around them, putting information into action. Effective learning guides, in conjunction with interesting and attractive books, invite these things.

If a student is doing something as a result of our materials, we’re on the right track. If a student is just collecting facts, soon to be forgotten, we’re not.

How do we know when we’re doing it right? It’s when we are effectively engaging students who are gaining information and skills, and using them in their lives.

Thus, the creation of a 50- or 100-page book—from concept to print—involves a lot more than one might normally consider, and many a draft never sees the light of day. But the objective is simple, and the work made simpler, because we know exactly what we want.

And we know who our audience is: children and young people thirsty for knowledge and ways to engage and contribute to the world around them.

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