Young Scientist Package

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Your Lesson Plans are Done!


Each book in this package comes with a learning guide designed to help your students study independently. 


Also included are exams with answers and instructions for restudy. Students can finish courses knowing ALL the important data.


We aim to help you empower students to learn with increasing confidence, interest and independence.

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Learn All About Dinosaurs!

In addition to teaching all about some of the most interesting animals to have ever roamed the earth, this book touches on possible explanations for the extinction of the dinosaurs, and discusses how other animals were able to evolve and change in order to survive.


The book is packed with fun activities including making two types of imitation fossils.

Meet So Many Animals!

Animal Kingdom will show your young scientist some special things about animals from around the world, including the ways animals are alike and some amazing ways they are unique.


Included with the book is a set of 93 cards featuring illustrations and fun facts. Use the Animal Kingdom Cards to learn more about each animal, to play games, or as a jumping off point for art projects! 

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Explore All Five Senses!

Did you know that the smartest scientists in the world learn about things the same way you do?


That’s right, they do. And whether you are studying blue skies, bunnies, blueberries or bees, YOU are a scientist too! Find out more about how scientists and YOU explore our wonderful world in this book FIVE SENSES!

Understand the Universe!

Why do we have day and night?

What makes year?

Where do the stars go in daytime?

What is gravity?


This book answers these questions and more. Help your young scientist begin exploring the sun, earth moon and stars!

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Experiment With Air!

This book explains air in simple terms, and includes interesting information, such as the existence of air in soil, in water, and in one's body. Fun activities end every chapter give students the opportunity to see it for themselves.


Activities include making parachutes and pinwheels, experimenting with how temperature affects how much space air takes up, and observing first hand many ways air pushes.