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Who Are We?

Heron Books is a research and development team that publishes cutting edge K-12 educational materials.

Our Goal?

The goal is to foster and support creative and independent thinking in teachers and students.

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Who is it For?

Heron Books materials are for schools, preschools, homeschools, teachers, tutors, parents, children and teens. Training centers and businesses use Heron Books materials as well.

What makes us Different?

Rather than make testing our standard, with each new book or course, we ask instead:

Does it make the subject approachable and useful to every student?

Does it invite "deep cuts" and application rather than a broad, shallow coverage of the subject?

Does it encourage, even demand, direct observation, personal engagement and creative thinking?

When these points are in, the understanding (and grades) follow naturally.

If we can check those boxes,

we publish.

 If we can't, we don't.

A few things folks are saying about our materials...

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