Getting Writing Right - A High Schooler's Handbook on Punctuation & Grammar

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Want to become a first-class authority on grammar? Probably not.

How about a specialist in punctuation rules? Not likely.

What most of us want is to be able to write well, to communicate effectively in writing.

What we need is a handy reference that will help us know whether we need a comma here or a semi-colon there.

Punctuation is simply the use of symbols to control the flow of writing and ensure it’s clear.

Grammar is simply how we put words together so our writing makes sense.

Getting Writing Right was created as a simple, go-to reference on these subjects—to help you become a better writer by providing a quick reference for use when writing.

Read it. Use it. And get your writing right!

Its seven accompanying learning guides help students progress through the book providing opportunities for lots of practice as they hone their skills.

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