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The ability to write a well-planned, documented, concisely written research paper is a skill that any high-school student should have, whether college-bound or entering the work force.This course addresses the differences between an essay, a research paper and a documented research paper, and how to write using the thesis method. It provides a workable method for writing a research paper by explaining how to write a detailed outline, the benefits of writing in drafts, how to avoid plagiarism, proofreading skills, and most importantly, that the paper is a form of communication to the reader. The documentation style taught is MLA (Modern Language Association), a documentation style that is commonly used in college.The course covers library classification systems (Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal), how to use audiovisual and multimedia materials, special collections and computer resources in the library as tools for researching and obtaining data about a subject.By the end of the course the student can write a 1,000 word, high quality, fully documented research paper.

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