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How Do You Raise a Reader?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Most parents know they want their child to be a strong reader, but many don't know how to help ensure that happens, or that there are specific things you can do to help your child become a competent reader. Also, many don't know that these activities can and should be started as early as possible--even as early as when a child is born! Luckily, it's not required to start that soon, and it is never too late to start.

At Heron Books, we know the importance of being a strong reader and how it can affect a child's lifelong educational path, so we've kept our eyes open for helpful tools to share with parents to guide them in this area. One of the best and most practical tools we found was a small booklet published by the U.S. Department of Education in 1988. It summarized the research conducted by a commission around reading and gave clear-cut steps for parents to take to improve their children's reading success. This booklet was called Becoming a Nation of Readers, What Parents Can Do. Over the years, Heron Books has relied heavily on this booklet and the information behind it. We found their advice to be clear, easy to implement and effective. Sadly, after many years, this booklet went out of print and became very hard to find. This resulted in fewer and fewer parents being able to benefit from the commission's insights and recommendations.

In 2018, Heron Books reached out to the Department of Education and requested permission to update and republish this booklet, which we (very gratefully!) received. The booklet has been revised and updated for improved readability, with added sections on phonics instruction and screen time. This new edition is now available for purchase on our website for only $5.95! It is priced to put it within reach for as many families as possible. We are also offering discount pricing for orders over 10 copies. Buy a copy for yourself, for your family and friends, for your schools and communities. The more readers we make, the better!


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