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United States Federal Government


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Other Details

Age Range:
15 - 16 years
Estimated Course Length:
35 - 45 hours
10th - 11th grade
A detailed understanding of the U.S. Constitution and how it is designed to work (Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Booklet, and Examination.

Product Description

Do you know how a bill is passed and made into law?

The Constitution lays out the intended pattern of the United States Federal government, but this course shows how the structure of the federal government actually evolved and how work now gets done. The course explains in simple language how the three branches of government are composed and how they operate. The activities of this course give the student a hands-on introduction to officials in government and what the government actually does.

During the course the student learns in some detail how a bill becomes law, is vetoed or declared unconstitutional, and makes a wall poster to show how this happens. The student writes letters (or e-mails) to his Representative and Senators, researches a current bill and communicates his viewpoint about it to federal officials. He also studies several Supreme Court decisions.

Materials You Need to Supply: Texts/references: The Presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court, Scholastic Book Services, any edition or, if not available, encyclopedia articles about branches of the U.S. Federal Government (might be under "United States" or "U.S. Government"), or high school level encyclopedia at level of The World Book or higher; a current world almanac; state almanac (might be on the Internet). Copy of the U.S. Constitution; downtown street map of Washington D.C.; sample of Congressional Record (available from library or on Internet), pictures of Capitol, White House, Supreme Court and all the U.S. Presidents.

Materials: Butcher paper, markers, etc., for wall poster.