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Shapes 2: Solid Shapes


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Other Details

Age Range:
8 - 10 years
Estimated Course Length:
5 hours
3rd - 5th grade
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Guide Attachment, Study Booklet and Examination.

Product Description

This course gives the student data about more advanced geometric shapes, such as the triangular and square pyramid.

The student draws each shape discussed in the course and makes shapes out of clay or other materials, in addition to finding the geometric forms in the environment.

In a final application step the student builds a clay castle whose structure utilizes the shapes learned in the course.

Materials You Need to Supply: Fifteen sheets of drawing paper, three sheets of carbon paper, scissors; small roll of Scotch tape or masking tape; four thumbtacks; ruler; pencil; basketball; drawing board into which the student can put tacks; the following small glass or clear plastic geometric shapes: cube, cylinder, triangular pyramid, square pyramid, cone (may be obtained from Frey Scientific 800-225-FREY or Geyer 800-447-9368); five sheets of stiff paper or light cardboard (manila file folders are ideal weight).