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Physics: Heat


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Other Details

Age Range:
14 - 17 years
Estimated Course Length:
20 hours
9th - 12th grade
Basic algebra.
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Booklet, Lab Supervisor Manual, and Examination.

Product Description

How important is it to insulate the walls of a house? What is the effect of doors and windows on being able to keep a house warm or cool? What fuel will heat a house most efficiently? Is it possible to calculate these things?

This course includes an introduction to the principles of thermodynamics and the gas law.  It explains the fundamentals of heat energy and how to control it, how to measure and calculate the amount of heat that various objects will absorb, and other things having to do with the transfer of heat.

Students get to do demonstrations that illustrate the physical laws learned on the course, and to design a dome and work out how to keep it warm.

Materials You Need to Supply: Texts/referencesHandbook of Chemistry and Physics (any recent edition), the Chemical Rubber Company, 18901 Cranwood Parkway, Cleveland, OH 44128. Alternatively, this handbook may be accessed via the Internet (http://www.hbcpnetbase.com; requires a subscription to get full access) or the data needed may be found on other Internet sites by searching for keywords "heat capacity" or "heating values." Other materials: Hotplate, sauce pan, plain metal pop can or soup can, black metal pop can or soup can, coffee can, ice, salt, 100 watt light bulb and socket, two 10" 10" panes of glass, 2 lb. scale, 5 square feet of 2" fiberglass batting, 0° to 100° Centigrade thermometer, 0° to 100° Fahrenheit thermometer, access to prices for insulating materials and heating gas (telephone book, etc), two glass jars with lids (one small enough to fit entirely inside the other), cloth pad about ¼" thick (about 4" 4").