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Non-Fiction Writing


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Other Details

Age Range:
12 - 15 years
Estimated Course Length:
40 - 45 hours
7th - 10th grade
The ability to write short compositions with correct grammar and mechanics.
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Booklet, and Examination.

Product Description

Learning the basics of non-fiction writing is essential not only for educational activities such as essays or research papers, but also for getting one's viewpoint across to others in any job.

This course provides basic information on how to write well, including the mechanics of outlining, proofreading and documentation. The types of non-fiction writing explored in this course are autobiographies, biographies, different types of essays (persuasive, expository, descriptive) and research papers.

Short pieces of non-fiction writing by famous authors are included as examples.

Materials You Need to Supply: Texts/references: Understanding Literature, 1984 ed., ISBN 0-02-192640-9 and Appreciating Literature, 1984 ed., ISBN 0-02-192660-3, both Macmillan Literature Series by Macmillan Publishing, Front and Brown Streets, Riverside, NY 08075, 609-461-6500 or Collier Macmillan Publishing, London or any 9th or 10th grade literature text that includes definitions and examples of the following types of non-fiction writing: biography (at least five examples), autobiography, essay (descriptive, expository, persuasive, two each). The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway; magazines such as Upfront or Junior Scholastic.  Recommended for reference: Webster's New World Student Handbook for Writing ISBN 0-02-861705-3.