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How Engines Work


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Other Details

Age Range:
14 - 18 years
Estimated course length:
18 - 22 horus
9th - 12th grade
Engines course. Simple Machines course recommended.
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Guide Attachment, Study Booklet and Examination.

Product Description

Describes the structure, function and fuels of gas, diesel, steam turbine, electric and jet engines. Practical activities include: Build an impulse water turbine, write a report describing the structure, function and fuels of (above listed) engines.

Materials You Need to Supply: Other materials: Models (transparent plastic ones may be available) of each of the following: gasoline engine; diesel engine; steam engine; a steam, water or gas turbine; turbojet; a small working electric motor; a small working two-stroke gasoline engine (may be a model airplane propelling type); access to a working four-stroke gasoline engine for student to start (could be an automobile); access to a diesel engine for observation; square piece of stiff paper, pin and pencil eraser to make into a pinwheel; a rubber balloon; access to a single-cylinder gasoline engine, v-type engine and in-line engine for observation. Optional other materials: Toy rocket (provided by student) that operates on air pressure and water; access to a horizontally opposed gasoline engine (any Volkswagen, Subaru or small airplane engine) for observation.