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Geography Series: Towns and Cities


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Other Details

Age Range:
7 - 8 years
Estimated Course Length:
15 hours
2nd - 3rd grade
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Guide Attachment, Study Booklet and Examination.

Product Description

What is the difference between a village, a town and a city? What are some of the jobs needed to keep a city functioning? Where are they done? What does a factory do? Where can you find a homeless pet?

Learning the answers to questions like these can often be neglected with young children, but understanding these basic concepts can make a big difference. This illustrated course covers a variety of things related to cities: different types of jobs, names for different types of buildings and stores, the different types of roads.

The student not only learns about such things as what a bus stop is for and the importance of the sanitation department, but is also sent on field trips to see these things first hand. Several cut-outs are attached for creating models of buildings.

Materials You Need to Supply:  Texts/references: Magazines that show some pictures of cities and towns (National Geographic may do well). Materials: Scissors, things to color with such as paints, crayons, felt markers, 15 feet of butcher paper, cellophane tape, toy people. Optional Heron text: Basic Geography Glossary may be used as an additional reference tool.