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Elementary U.S. History 1: European Exploration


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Other Details

Age Range:
10 - 12 years
Estimated Course Length:
12 - 14 hours
5th - 7th grade
Earth 4: Major Geographic Features of Earth course or ability to read and interpret maps well. Time Lines and History course.
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Booklet, and Examination.

Product Description

This course centers on the exploration of the New World by European powers, the establishment of the first colonies in North America and the resulting effects of the European invasion on the native Indians of North America.

The Elementary U.S. History series is designed to bring history alive to the Elementary School student by relating books, art projects and research to the periods of history being studied. This new American history series stresses physical geography, trade and communication routes, and the ideas and accomplishments of individuals in American history.

History is a difficult subject to provide with adequate substance and relevant activities in a classroom setting. To ensure adequate handling of these, a history project with literature is included in each course: the student reads a book from the list provided (history, biography, historical fiction) corresponding to the period under study and does a project to relate the two. The project might include writing a scene for a play, creating a painting, a song or poem, or a display. Each of the eight courses in the series includes several data sheets that focus on specific topics.

A commercial history text is used for illustrations and maps and enrichment on the topics that are emphasized. (Excellent maps and illustrations in the text are provided by National Geographic.)

Materials You Need to Supply: Required texts/references: Text United States Adventures in Time and Place (2000) ISBN 0-02-148855-X, McGraw-Hill School Division. To place orders, call 1-800-442-9685. This book is used for the entire series of eight courses. As part of each course the student is also required to read a book (historical fiction or non-fiction) that concerns some topic or time period studied, so access to a good library is necessary. 

A new set of well-illustrated history readers has been added as an alternative to the literature books that the student reads while doing the courses:

A History of US, Joy Hakim, Oxford University Press: (paper or cloth) 
Book 1 The First Americans, ISBN 0-19-515320-0 (paper); ISBN 0-19-515319-7 (cloth) 
Book 2 Making Thirteen Colonies, ISBN 0-19-515322-7 (paper); ISBN 0-19-515321-9 (cloth) 

Access to Internet strongly recommended. 

Other materials: map atlas of the world, plus raised relief maps of the world and the United States (the relief maps may be part of the map atlas), roll of butcher paper or newsprint, crayons or markers, clay, encyclopedia at level of The New Book of Knowledge.