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Electricity in the Home


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Other Details

Age Range:
11 - 14 years
Estimated Course Length:
18 - 24 hours
6th - 9th grade
Light Bulbs, Switches and Batteries course. Simple Machines course strongly recommended.
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Guide Attachment, Study Booklet, Supervisor Manual, and Examination

Product Description

A typical home depends on electrical wiring for lighting, a variety of appliances, communication equipment and entertainment products. How many people, much less children, understand these uses of electricity well enough to know if they are wired correctly and what might be involved in repairing them if they aren't?

In this course the student learns to identify various kinds of wiring found in the home, understand their purposes and uses, and find out how to work with them safely (and when to avoid them). It provides a practical foundation in the basics of handling electricity, not requiring any advanced mathematics.

The course is designed to introduce the student to electricity through hands-on practical investigation, demonstration and application.

Materials You Need to Supply: A substantial amount of materials need to be prepared for demonstrations and applications, such as wire and connector samples, small transformers and power adapters, a model house-wiring panel, and access to telephones, a TV set, a computer.  Full lists of materials are provided in the Electricity in the Home Supervisor Manual and a separate shopping list for your convenience.