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Other Details

Age Range:
16 - 17 years
Estimated Course Length:
20 hours
11th - 12th grade
Basic math, including simple algebra. Weather course recommended.
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Booklet, and Examination.

Product Description

What is the difference between climate and weather? Why is Washington a good place to grow apples, and Florida good for growing oranges? What are the five basic elements of climate?

The student who does this course will learn the answers to these questions.  He will be able to explain the sun's path through the sky at various times of the year and various places on Earth, and what this has to do with the climate in each place.  He will understand the source of wind and how oceans and winds affect land climates.  He will also understand the effects of other factors, such as the presence of mountain ranges and be able to apply all these factors to predict the climate of any location on Earth. Climate has become a hot topic in recent decades. This course addresses this and gives the student some perspective on the topics of the greenhouse effect and climate change.  The result will be a deeper understanding of the relationship between weather and climate, and of the forces that affect climate and climate change.  

Materials You Need to Supply: Thermometer (preferably min-max type), barometer, flashlight, globe.  Access to the Internet.