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Basic Science Lab Procedures


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Other Details

Age Range:
12 - 15 years
Estimated Course Length:
6 hours
7th - 10th grade
Knowledge of the metric system.
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Booklet, and Examination.

Product Description

Working in a science lab with chemicals is different than most education activities in a school in that the student is routinely exposed to heat and flames, acids, bases and corrosive chemicals any of which could cause a serious accident if badly mishandled.

This course teaches the student general safety procedures for a science lab (especially chemistry), and basic techniques for using a balance. The difference between weight and mass is cleared up, as well as the confusing use of grams and kilograms to "weigh" materials. (Grams and kilograms are actually units of mass, but in every day use are also used as units of weight.)

Materials You Need to Supply: Chemistry laboratory with basic equipment; DVD player; lab locator system (a list of lab materials and where to find them) created for the school's science lab; several pieces of ¼-inch diameter glass tubing cut to 8-in lengths. DVD Introduction Laboratory Safety Chemistry/Physics, Flinn Scientific, 1-800-452-1261. www.flinnsci.com. The student watches the 16-minute lab safety video twice as part of the course. Optional References for the lab supervisor: Flinn Chemical & Biological Catalog Reference Manual, "Laboratory Safety Articles" Articles ranging from "goggle safety" to "where and why science accidents occur" may be found at www.flinnsci.com/Sections/Safety/safety.asp.