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Basic Biology Series: Insects


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Other Details

Age Range:
8 - 9 years
Estimated Course Length:
12 hours
3rd - 4th grade
Basic Biology Series: Animal Kingdom
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Booklet, and Examination.

Product Description

How are all insects alike? How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

In this illustrated course, the student gets to choose from eleven projects where he can study live insects. He learns about social insects, and how there are hundreds of thousands of different kinds of insects in the world. He finds out how some insects are harmful and others are useful to have around.

The course is designed to make a student aware of the tremendous variety of insects in the world and how they affect us.

Materials You Need to Supply: Text: A guide book on insects (Golden Guide series published by Golden Books or Peterson's First Guides published by Houghton Mifflin are suggested). Materials: A large preserved insect, such as a grasshopper; magnifying glass; crayons and drawing paper; a piece of silk cloth; a piece of honeycomb with honey in it; jars for insect specimens; a jar of 70% alcohol with a tight lid; insect mounting pins; a cigar box or other empty box for insect display; a butterfly net (may be homemade from a stick, clothes hanger, and cheesecloth); mealworm eggs; a movie or video on insects (insect metamorphosis, insects that eat other insects, social insects, etc.); a kit for making an ant farm with ants.