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Basic Biology Series: Animal Kingdom


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Other Details

Age Range:
8 - 9 years
Estimated Course Length:
14 hours
3rd - 4th grade
Materials Included:
Course Study Guide, Study Guide Attachment, Study Booklet and Examination.

Product Description

There are so many different kinds of animals in the world, how can we keep them all straight? One way is to group them by the ways they are alike.

In this fully illustrated course, the student learns how to group animals into classes, and learns the important ways that animals of each class are alike. The identifying features of each of the vertebrate classes (birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians) are described. The vertebrate-invertebrate distinction is made, and the invertebrate classes of insects, spider-like animals, crustaceans and others are discussed.

The course prepares the student for more detailed study about each class in other Basic Biology Series courses.

Materials You Need to Supply: Texts: Several wildlife magazines, books or magazines with colored pictures of various animals. Materials: pencil, paper, crayons.