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About Us

Heron Books (founded 1991) publishes Delphi Curriculum™  a rich collection of innovative courses, books and content servicing K-12 students. Many of the almost 300 self-paced courses were originally developed for a group of independent schools that wished to:

  1. Give more attention to usefulness and application of what was learned,
  2. Have less governmentally mandated bias than was common in most commercially available curriculum offerings, and
  3. Empower their students to proceed rapidly (but at a pace appropriate to them individually) through subject-area courses while building a strong core of basics.

Although additional Delphi Curriculum courses are being regularly added to this site, a few of the larger, packaged elements of the curriculum have requirements.  In particular, the core basics materials, called the Delphi Curriculum Basics™ Programs, are available but with specialized instructor training required.

What is offered here is a collection of excellent beyond-the-basics courses and resources for students in regular school programs or in homeschools.

Try these courses out in your homeschool or school program—see how they satisfy children's hunger for useful, effective and individualized educational materials.